Welna Andren – FRP products – Vessels, Scrubbers, Pipes


Welna Andrén use different qualities vinyl ester, isophtalic and polyester resins in combination with various types of glass fiber reinforcement.  We have in our product range also FRP with thermoplastic liner (PP, PVC, PE, PVDF) – so called Dual laminate system. The production methods include hand lay-up, filament winding, spraying and pressing.

We are used to calculate, construct and test our products according to standards and codes as EN 13121, AD-Merkblatt N1, ASME RTP 2000-1, PLN-83 as well as DIN standards for FRP pipe systems. Where necessary, we use FEM analysis.

Manufacturing of large products is not a problem for us.  We can produce in our workshop cylindrical shells up to diameter 9 m.  Road transport of such large objects, however, can be quite difficult and expensive  In such cases we can deliver the products in suitable sections in order to assemble them on the site. We can manufacture bulky shell parts with our mobile on-site winding machine.


By request we can offer our tanks, scrubbers and process equipment with accessories such as

 – Ladders

– Platforms, railings
– Walkways
– Supports of steel or FRP
– Insulation
 – Heat tracing

We have a quality, environmental, health and safety system based on the following standards:

– ISO 9001
– ISO 14001
– OHSA 18001

Our Quality Control and Documentation System Follow the Production, from Incoming Raw Materials, to the Final Inspection of the Finished Pproduct.

We apply test methods, type and frequency of control according to the above standards and codes as well as taking into account national rules and customer’s requirements.


We have been producing scrubbers, quenches and other gas cleaning equipment more than 30 years. Scrubbers are used for purification of combustion gases from waste incineration, coal and oil heated power stations and cleaning of fumes and gases from various chemical processes.  FRP has an excellent corrosion resistance against gases and liquids in the scrubbing process.
By using materials such as high temperature resistant resin, insulating 3-dimensional glass fabric, carbon powder we can manage working temperatures up to 200oC.



Welna Andrén offers a large variety of FRP tanks for storage of chemicals, waste water and drinking water:

• Vertical and horizontal tanks for use above ground
• Underground tanks
• Double wall tanks

Additional components as ladders, platforms, railings and supports for external equipment belong oft to the total scope.



Welna Andrén produces equipment for industrial fields such as pulp and paper, chemical processing, water purification and food industry. Products we make are among others:

• Pressure vessels
• ClO2 towers
• Reactors
• Electro filters
• Settlers
• Mixers
• Strippers

These products are normally provided with additional equipment as support rings of steel or FRP, agitators bridges, ladders, platforms, railings and different kinds of internals.


Welna Andrén is a supplier of gas ducts, chimney liners and stacks for many waste incineration plants and coal-heated power stations. FRP is a natural choice of material because it is used for scrubber and quench as well.