Welna Andren – FRP products – Vessels, Scrubbers, Pipes


Welna Andren is a company specializing in FRP-products ( Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic). The products we make are mainly used to solve problems where aggressive chemicals, gases and liquids are involved.

We are specialists in the designing and manufacturing of glass fibre reinforced polyester products such as storage tanks, scrubbers, reactors, mixers, pipe systems, sewage pipes, stacks, ventilation ducts etc. These products are used in the chemical industry, pulp and paper industry, for water cleaning and gas purification equipment. In many cases the products are made for environmental protection installations.

We produce the equipment in different qualities of polyester and vinyl ester resins in combination with different types of glassfibre reinforcement. The production methods include hand lay-up, filament winding, spraying and pressing. Large products are not a problem for us, only for the transporter. In our factory we can build and handle very large products. The limitation is always the transport possibility.

Of course, quality control is very important and we have a quality control and documentation system which follows the production from incoming raw materials to the final inspection of the finished product. We are implementing iso 900, 14000 and 18000.

Is size a problem?

Large products are not a problem for us!