Welna Andren – FRP products – Vessels, Scrubbers, Pipes

What we do

Welna Andrén is a company specialized in FRP-products ( Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic). The products we make are mainly used to solve problems where aggressive chemicals, gases and liquids are involved.

  • Our products are mainly used for installations that protect the environment
  • Standard and non standard execution according to customers request
  • We’ve been in business for over 30 years

We are specialists in the design and manufacturing of glass fibre reinforced polyester products such as storage tanks, scrubbers, reactors, mixers, pipe systems, sewage pipes, stacks, ventilation ducts etc. These products are used in the chemical industry, pulp and paper industry, for water cleaning and gas purification equipment. In many cases the products are made for installations that protect the environment

Large products are not a problem for us, only for the transporter. In our factory we can build and handle big diameters and assemble long constructions. Most of the times the limitation is the transport to the customer.


During installation of our products we try to present. We many times send our supervisor to inspect foundations flatness and control of correct fitting. When laminations on site are necessary we send our installation crew to do the job.

Our services

  • Inspection
  • Transport
  • Installation
  • Connecting existing piping