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How is it made?

A FRP-laminate consists of a polyester, vinylester or epoxy resin combined with different types of glassfibre reinforcements.The glassfibres are impregnated with resin and and after proper curing the laminate attains its final properties. The resin gives the laminate its chemical resistance and the glassfibres the mechanical strength. Of course specialist design and know-how, skilled workers and high quaiity raw materials are required to get a good result. The laminate is built up on a mould (mandrel).

The first resin-rich layers with surface veil chopped strand mat serve as the corrosion barrier. Then the load carrying laminate is made to calculated thickness by combining glassfibre mats, woven roving and continous roving impregnated with the resin. The surface finish is made with a topcoat, sometimes containing a colour pigment. Cylindrical constructions such as sheIls and pipes are normally produced by filament winding, other structures by hand lay-up or spraying.


How is it made?
Why choose FRP?
Storage tanks
Semi finished plastic materials


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